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Desert Salt versus Sea Salt

Purity Most Desert Salt comes from underground ancient seas pumped into salt pans which is used for gourmet salt, although some desert salt is collected from inland salt lakes using industrial machines. Obviously the desert salt made from underground ancient…

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Instantly Boost Athletic Performance

So how can increasing salt in our diet boost athletic performance? Dr James Dinicolantonio is a cardiovascular research scientist and author of the book "The Salt Fix". In this interview, he speaks about his years of research into "Ancient Dried…

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MIZZI’s Desert Salt Information

We make our desert salt from our licensed salt farm in the mini desert area of Doodlakine in Western Australia. We call it desert salt to distinguish it from sea salt which nowadays is full of microplastics, sewage, heavy metals,…

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The Composition of our Desert Salt Flakes

We work very hard to make our delicious crunchy Desert Salt Flakes. The artesian underground brine is very rich in minerals and trace elements. The key to make good salt, that is to taste nice with the right texture, is…

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Our Magnesium Oil and Jelly – Nigari

At our Doodlakine salt farm, we set aside some pans specifically to do the magnesium oils and jellies. This takes one year to form. Once the gypsum and salt have settled the last ingredient is the magnesium oil and jelly.…

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