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Instantly Boost Athletic Performance

So how can increasing salt in our diet boost athletic performance?

Dr James Dinicolantonio is a cardiovascular research scientist and author of the book “The Salt Fix”. In this interview, he speaks about his years of research into “Ancient Dried up Ocean Salt” and its many benefits to our health because it is high in trace minerals our body needs.

Dr James explains the science of how including salt in pre-workout can increase endurance and will Boost Athletic Performance. His tips are so simple and the results are real. Are you ready to Boost Athletic Performance today with minimal effort?

Taken from ancient springs in the Western Australian Desert, Mizzi’s salt products are free from microplastics and other toxins. Whereas salt extracted from sea water contains microplastics and other pollutants that are harmful to our bodies.

Mizzi’s Salt and Brine also contain essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. These essential minerals are what our bodies need because they help with cell repair and removing toxins from the body.

Search Mizzi’s Natural desert salt products here.

Do you need relief from muscle or joint pain? Try Sports Natural Mineral Rich Electrolyte Concentrate, Mizzi’s Pure Magnesium Jelly or Magnesium Oil Spray Skin Softener.

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