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Why desert salt flakes are superior to sea salt flakes

Nowadays we all know that the oceans and seas worldwide are contaminated with lots of chemical pollutants, sewage and worst of all micro plastics and it goes without saying that all these pollutants end up in the sea salt flakes that consume.

Not many companies are doing desert salt flakes in the world. The most common reason is that doing salt in a desert is really hard work and expensive due to the harsh climate and its remoteness. But these attributes are also what make the desert salt flakes a superior product. The harsh hot sun during the day and the cold air at night is what makes the huge desert salt flakes. Another reason for the forming of large desert salt flakes is due to the small humidity during the day which normally hovers around 15%.

Usually these flakes are picked early in the morning before they get stuck to other flakes in the bottom of the clay salt pans. Some of the popular expensive sea salt flakes are made from heavily populated and polluted sea with cold climates and use a lot of fossil fuels to make the sea salt flakes which is causing climate change. Desert salt flakes are made naturally only using the sun’s heat.

Usually the desert salt flakes are made from ancient seas underground which are still very clean and pure due to its remoteness. The mineral content of these underground seas is richer due to it being under the ground for millions of years. In these desert salt farms the brine is derived from deep boreholes or from brine springs.

We feel that the desert salt flakes have a very nice sweetish crispy crunch to them due to their dryness. The key for this is that the packaging also needs to be done in a dry climate otherwise the humidity is quickly absorbed by the salt flakes. Most of the sea salt flakes are made and packed in a very humid environment reducing their crunch and the humidity crumbles the salt flakes in small pieces.

A salt clay pan at our salt farm.

The best way to experience the difference between the desert and sea salt flakes is to try both.

If you are interested in trying desert salt flakes you can find our 450g value pack here.

John Michael Mizzi

John Michael Mizzi loves the environment and is a very creative person especially when it comes to salt and the amazing products that can be made from it.

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