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MIZZI’s Desert Salt Information

We make our desert salt from our licensed salt farm in the mini desert area of Doodlakine in Western Australia. We call it desert salt to distinguish it from sea salt which nowadays is full of microplastics, sewage, heavy metals, and radioactive materials.

Our desert salt comes from ancient, clean, and pure artesian brine springs which are millions of years old. Our brine has a salinity of around 15% (the ocean is only 3% saline) and is much richer in minerals, trace elements, and natural acids which give our salt a beautiful distinctive taste.

We add no chemicals or nasty additives so our salt is fully organic. We use only solar pumps to pump the ancient brine into our clay plans so we are carbon neutral and very climate change friendly. We don’t have industrial machines trampling on the salt during the harvest and transport of salt, spewing out diesel, oils, tyre contaminants, and poisonous fumes.

The salt flakes are made from floating flat salt crystals which are created from the mineral-rich brine and the harsh sun and dry climate. They are not saturated in minerals so this salt is mild in taste with a tinge of sweetness to it making it a perfect finishing salt.

On the other hand, the amber salt is formed in our red clay pans so some of the minerals from the red clay leach in the salt giving it a mild earthy taste. Some of the natural acids in the brine also infuse in the salt giving it a light pleasant sour taste. This salt is a bit stronger tasting than the salt flakes.

Some minerals like magnesium and potassium although they are beneficial they are very bitter and astringent. Many of the cheap industrial salts are over-saturated with these minerals and that is why it ruins the food even in small quantities. At Mizzi’s we make sure that these minerals are balanced in our salt making it so delicious that
it can be eaten like crisps.

Our Natural and Organic Skincare Products

Our salt farm is in a palaeochannel which is around 18 million years old and it sits on one of the oldest pieces of land in the world called the Yilgarn Craton which is amazingly over 2.7 billion years old. The different clays and salt minerals from which we make our natural skincare products had eons of time to mature and purify themselves and this is why we believe we have some of the best skin care products around. As these clays and minerals settled in the paleochannel they had time to get even more refined giving them a nice soft delicate feel.

See reference for the Mizzi’s Brine Analysis

We keep our skincare products as simple as possible using mainly our clays, brines, salts, and
plants. No preservatives are used unless really needed. Our salt-tolerant plants have lots of antiinflammatory
properties which when combined with our organic clays, brines and salts create
some of the best natural skincare products around. We don’t believe that a skincare product with
heaps of artificial synthetic chemicals is good for us. Our philosophy is to keep it simple and natural.


If you are busy and don’t have enough time to come to the markets and want to purchase our products online from and spend over $50 we will give you free shipping.

Discount Coupons

At some of the events and markets we go to sometimes we do have discount coupons.

Your Local Support Is Important

Little farmers like us that bring you good natural local products to your doorstep totally need your support to survive especially when in Australia many big companies and supermarkets are importing lots of polluted cheap produce from overseas.


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