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Microplastics In Sea Salt

One of the main reasons we started harvesting salt from an ancient paleo river is because we wanted to offer our customers a very clean pure salt with no microplastics or other micro sewage particles that are now available in sea salt. Although Australia is at the bottom of the world at the top of this amazing continent you find places like Indonesia with a population over 200 million people and the Philippines with over 110 million people that are polluting the oceans with billions of tons of plastics that over time they break down to micro plastics that is ingested by the sea creatures and fish.

For this reason sea salt around the world is contaminated with a lot of small invisible microplastics that could start blocking your systems in your body. We say this with sadness but soon Sea/Ocean salts will not be fit for food consumption. We harvest our salt from ancient underground brine that is thousands of years old that creates the most amazing pure salt on the planet.

John Michael Mizzi

John Michael Mizzi loves the environment and is a very creative person especially when it comes to salt and the amazing products that can be made from it.

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