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Australian Red Kaolin Clay And Red Quartz Powder Mix – 100g

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Our Doodlikine salt farm is based in an ancient paleo channel that is why we have a large diversity of clays with different colours. We have a large seam of Red Ochre Clay and some of it has Red Quartz in it which is around 10% quartz.  First we dig this clay and quartz mix out from the ground. Then we mill it using steel balls to break it into smaller pieces, then grind it into a powder and then sieve it into a nice fluffy soft powder. Its hard work but we do it with passion.

The 10% quartz fine powder really accelerates the exfoliating of the skin but since its a powder its done in a very gentle way without bruising the skin. Of course the red ochre clay is full of iron oxides and other minerals which nourishes the skin and helps the blood flow in the skin.

This product is really great for soaps both for having a nice red pigment but of course for gentle exfoliating and softening the skin. It can be used also in face and body masks, blushes, body scrubs, lotions and sun muds such as wilgi (or wilgie, wilghee) which was used by the Australian aborigines to protect they skin from the harsh Australian sun, insects and also used to heal wounds.

Since its very rich in beneficial ferrous oxides it could stain your clothes but very easily washed from the skin. Usually a small amount of this rich clay/quartz powder will go a long way for many of your cosmetic needs.

We also have the more economical 1Kg Red Ochre Kaolin Clay.

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